Character Books

Jim SwansonHi, my name is Jim Swanson. I started creative writing many years ago, winning first place in a high school humorous poetry contest. Then when I started to teach, I gave my students an assignment to write a short story and decided to "show them how to do it." Those early efforts, though not great, showed me that creative writing could be another vehicle to teach the truths of the Bible. Just as Jesus taught in parables, and all the Bible directly or indirectly points to Christ, so I would like the stories in these books to magnify Jesus Christ, and to share lessons that reader's can apply to their lives. One reader of the rough draft of The Three Promises remarked,

“I was motivated to trust God's promises more, and to claim some for myself.”

That statement delighted me for, at least in this person's life, it had fulfilled its purpose.

The goal of Character Books is to present Christian literature rich in Biblical principles. The books are largely aimed at children in the junior-junior high age group. Though the books are mostly fiction, they are like Jesus' parables, earthly stories with heavenly application.

My hope is that God will use these stories to be a blessing to you.