The Three Promises

Three Promises

In 1912, nine year old Charlie Whiteneck and his seven year old sister Sarah go from struggling in a dysfunctional home to being orphans in one week. With no one to care for them and a great fear of orphanages, the two set out on their own. They soon meet Rev. and Mrs. Spooner who introduce them to God and the Bible. But just as circumstances are looking brighter for them, the children are separated from the Spooners and end up at the Children's Aid Society.

Mrs. Spooner finds them there and gives them three Bible promises to hold until they can be together for good. Then, as life once again unravels and they are taken far from their promised home, Charlie becomes increasingly skeptical that anyone can keep a promise, including God. Yet in His own time and way the 'Father of the fatherless' convinces the boy He both can and will do just that. 259 pages

The Three Promises costs $13.95 each, but you can preview it by clicking here to download a pdf of the first chapter. (Please allow 2 weeks for the books to reach you by mail.)

Book Inspiration

The theme of the book comes from an experience one summer when I checked out a children's biography of a man who was on an orphan train. I was immediately intrigued by this novel approach to dealing with orphans in New York. I read other books about the orphan trains and watched some videos. But the biographies lacked any mention of a spiritual dimension - not fitting for character books. This led to the seed plot of The Three Promises and, after much work over several months, grew into the novel and its sequel. I trust you will enjoy it, but more, that you will be blessed and challenged by its message.

Comments by Readers

"I have two books that I've read that I can't put down, and this was one of them." -JQ

"I was up until 5am reading it, so if I fall asleep asleep in church, it's your fault!" -Anon.

"Your book was exciting from beginning to end." CR

About The Author

Jim SwansonJim Swanson has been a pastor, teacher, writer (, and musician ( He (6 ft 9 in tall) and his wife Ruby (5 ft 2 in tall) have seven adult children and sixteen grandchildren (so far). They presently live in Eau Claire, Wisconsin.