The Greatest Gift of All

The Greatest Gift of All book

After being orphaned in New York and then separated in the book The Three Promises, Charlie Whiteneck and his sister Sarah finally have a home together in Schuyler, Nebraska. As this story opens, their new parents have just married and the children are both Fields now. But Charlie’s idealistic notion of life without problems is quickly shattered.

His own first lesson is learning to share his pa’s attention with another. Then Charlie reminds his new ma too much of her recently deceased husband. It would take a strange visitor, a crisis, and another separation for her to embrace unconditional love. But Charlie needs that lesson as well, and he can fully grasp God’s love only when he is called upon to offer his greatest gift of all. 261 pages

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Book Inspiration

When I finished The Three Promises, I felt that the story of Charlie and Sarah wasn't over. Both, especially Charlie, still had important lessons to learn in life. So the sequel was born the next year. The historical background to both books has been carefully researched. Though the characters are fictitious, children really did face the difficulties these orphan train children endured. Unfortunately, many did not have opportunity to learn about the Lord as these two did. As always, the purpose is not just to tell a story, but to illustrate life lessons we all need. See how many you can find!

Comments by Readers

"I've read this book from front to back several times and I always cry for joy at the ending." -JS

"I couldn't put it down. You are a good writer!" -CR

"I really like the little pictures on some of the pages. This is one of my favorite stories." -RS

"I just received my copy in the mail. I'm going to read it to my two oldest children." -JR

About The Author

Jim SwansonJim Swanson has been a pastor, teacher, writer (, and musician ( He (6 ft 9 in tall) and his wife Ruby (5 ft 2 in tall) have seven adult children and sixteen grandchildren (so far). They presently live in Eau Claire, Wisconsin.