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The account of Elizabeth ("Buff") Walton was in the making for two years. It was Buff's desire, as well as many, many others, that her life be recorded for posterity's sake as well as a means to glorify the Lord.

It is unusual when a man or woman will leave all, including their family and homeland, to spend their life's time and energies in another part of the world for others and not for themselves. It is all the more unusual when they will do so, by faith, for things that are everlasting in value. This, though, is what Buff did. Yet this giving of her life became the very means whereby she found true fulfillment and satisfaction that will last forever.
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Update: Buff Walton went to be with the Lord on Sunday, July 3, 2011, just four days after her 93rd birthday.

About The Author

Naomi StanleyNaomi Beth Stanley is one of Buff's many great-nieces. She is seventeen, teaches piano, writes for the Eau Claire Journal, and lives at home in Eau Claire, Wisconsin.